Cómo hacer patatas fritas crugientes

How to make crispy fries


The potato is an ancestral food of South American origin, specifically from the Andes area between the countries of Chile, Peru and Ecuador.

It was introduced in Spain in the second half of the 16th century where it was used mainly for decorative purposes and to feed livestock.

It was also introduced in France and became popular for its culinary use after a study by Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, a famous pharmacist, chemist, agronomist and naturist in difficult times when France was going through a cheap and easy-to-grow food when wheat was scarce.

Today, China is the leading country in potato production in the world, while in Europe, the Netherlands is the leader in exports.

and now if the "SUPER TRICK"

1 Peel the potatoes well. With the help of a peeler

2 Cut them into sticks (the size you want)

That if you take into account that the fatter you cut them, the longer it will take to cook well inside, which increases the probability that they will remain raw, which is very unpleasant, therefore cut them to the size that you like best but considering this if you vary the size to that you usually cut them. For this the best thing is a mandolin . This way you make sure they are all the same size.

3 Put them in a bowl and cover them with water

4 Add a tablespoon of vinegar

5 Leave them to soak in the water and vinegar for 10 minutes

6 Drain the potatoes well and leave them on kitchen paper so that it finishes drying them and absorbs the remaining moisture. You can find a roll holder in our store for kitchen paper

7 Put oil in a pan (cover them)

8 When the oil is very hot, fry them

If you make a large quantity, fry them twice instead of all at once. It is important that the oil covers the potatoes so that it is properly fried, so if you pile them up it is possible that they will not fry well.

9 Season to taste and enjoy!!

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