Usos de la licuadora

Blender uses

The blender , in addition to extracting the best juice from your fruits, allows us to incorporate dairy products and vegetables into our drinks, making the most of all their nutrients in a natural and healthier way.

Unlike the blender, the blender better maintains the nutrients of fruits and vegetables, as we have already mentioned, because the food is not overheated in the extraction process.

The most modern blenders also allow us to process food in a more specific way with the different accessories but above all with the speed regulation (essential today), some even have a specific function for chopping.

Thanks to this, we can not only make juices with the blender but we can also make smoothies, frappes, milkshakes, some cocktails and other refreshing drinks.

Now, blender or American glass ?

Well, it all depends, since the blender allows me to make more liquid drinks and the American glass drinks something more dense like a milkshake, for example.

American glass (glass blender):

  • Detachable professional blades
  • Can crush some hard foods
  • can chop food
  • With its glass of up to almost 2 liters you can process a large amount of food at the same time


  • Extract the juice from fruits and some vegetables

In any case, we hope to have resolved some doubts in this regard.

We leave you two healthy, super natural and nutritious recipes:

1. Energy shake for breakfast


    • 40 gr oats
    • 1/2 glass of water
    • 250ml coconut or almond milk
    • 1 banana (ideally ripe)
    • 40 gr of red fruits to taste or strawberries


    • Dissolve the oats in the half glass of water
    • Put it in the American glass
    • add the milk
    • Add the previously sliced ​​banana
    • Add the red fruits

    Mix well and enjoy!

    2. Apple and pear juice


    • 3 apples (green or red)
    • 3 white pears
    • 2 limes


    • Blend the apples
    • Blend the pears
    • Add the juice of the limes
    • Add a little zest from the limes, you will have an extra refreshing and aromatic touch.
    Let everything integrate well and enjoy it!!
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