Decoración de terraza en primavera

Terrace decoration in spring

We are already in spring and we are approaching summer, time without a doubt for the terrace and enjoying good company during those endless afternoons after lunch.

You feel like spending time outdoors and enjoying the good weather more and more now that the temperature is improving.

That is why we must not forget it when decorating since it is a room in which we spend very good times.

We give you the four decoration commandments to enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Treat it like another room to decorate

Let's not forget that the terrace is an extension of the rest of the house, therefore one more "room" that we must decorate .

An interesting trend is modular furniture to create different compositions and give a more dynamic touch to the room.

It also allows us to accommodate the composition depending on the moment we live, family reunion, intimate meeting, game with friends, coffee with friends... etc.

  • Dress the terrace with cheerful textiles

Another element of decoration that you must implement well is the use of cushions, curtains, "fresh" covers for the sofa on the terrace and, if possible, with bright colors to make the terrace "appetizing" and more welcoming.

It will give you a personal touch and at a very low cost.

  • Accessories, yes or no?

Of course. So emphatic.

Take a look at the terraces of some "lounge" type beach bars that are well decorated , are super appealing and visually invite you to have a good time.

The combination of textiles and accessories are key to creating a relaxing environment.

  • Green I want you green

A terrace without plants is a terrace without life, I'm sorry but that's how it is.

But of course, what plants are the most suitable to have on the terrace in spring?

Personally, and I don't often give personal opinions since everyone has their own tastes, I prefer the following:







But here let yourself be advised by the closest nursery at your disposal.

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