Los accesorios imprescindibles para disfrutar del vino

The essential accessories to enjoy wine

There are many wine lovers, but if you want to become a professional, you cannot miss certain essential accessories to taste it as it deserves. Like everything, it depends on the money and time you want to invest in this wonderful pleasure, but for our part we want to provide you with a list of accessories that should be in your home, take note!

  1. corkscrew . Of course, to taste a wine you have to open it, and the best is a corkscrew, so you should always have one at hand. It is true that there are more rudimentary techniques, but this is the easiest way, having several types of corkscrews to choose from: two-stroke, lever, electric...
  2. decanter or aerator . There are certain types of wine that need to "breathe" before being consumed, especially those from old vintages. The decanter allows the aroma and body of the wine to improve, while the aerator performs the same function but in less time, since it is placed directly in the bottle.
  3. Anti-drip ring . Surely you already know how easy it is for a bottle to stain your clothes or tablecloth, and you will also know how difficult it is to remove that stain. To avoid this situation, the best are anti-drip rings, since they absorb those annoying drops that can ruin a good wine tasting.
  4. Cups . As obvious as it may seem, glasses are essential, but not just as simple containers. A good glass will make your wine oxygenate properly and will make it easier for the taster to observe and smell the wine. Also, by holding the glass by the stem, you will avoid heating the wine.
  5. plugs . Obviously, it is best to finish the bottle when you open it, but it is not always possible, especially if you live alone or with a partner. If this is your case, plugs are your best ally.
  6. Ice bucket or bottle cooler . The easiest way to cool your white or sparkling wine is by putting it in an ice bucket with water, although there is also the much more comfortable option of getting a bottle cooler.
  7. wine cellar This accessory, also known as a wine fridge, is the one that requires the greatest financial investment, but it is worth it. With a wine cellar in your home, you can keep your wine at the exact temperature and humidity it needs.
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