La mejor elección del vino

The best choice of wine

Wine is one of the oldest man-made drinks in the world whose origin is believed to come from the Caucasus area.

A lot has happened between then and today, and as far as wine is concerned, a lot has changed in its production process.

There are many varieties of grapes to make wine , worldwide, almost 10,000 varieties. Almost 240 have only been cataloged in Spain, some of which are unknown.

The most planted grapes in Spain are the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir varieties for making reds and Chardonnay, Macabeo Viura, Albariño and Verdejo for white wines.

There are almost 4,300 wine-producing wineries in Spain that are producing at a national level, and 3,075 are already exporting wine internationally, according to the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV); Being our country responsible for 25% of production in Europe.

But given the overwhelming offer of wines that there is, which one to choose for what moment?

Well the answer is obvious, the one we like, the one we enjoy.

Obviously, an oenologist or any advanced aficionado will expand this answer much more, giving technical data on the chemistry of the wine and its response in the mouth (its sensations), giving an opinion on which wine accompanies better or worse depending on which dish. In short, the art of pairing, an exciting world for those who want to delve into it.

But, obviously, there are wines with more body than others, drier or more fruity... and depending on these attributes, and the tastes of each person, we will make the best decision or not.

As a general rule, wines with more body are suitable to accompany large game and small game meat, although they do not clash with certain grilled fish, although it is true that for shellfish and baked or grilled fish, wines have always been chosen. more fruity and generally white.

In any case, it depends on the love of wine and the tastes of each one, as previously mentioned.

Generally, white wine is usually the most consumed by people who are new to wine since they are easier to taste and to combine with almost any food.

Red wines tend to be more complex wines to which, as one begins in this world, and increasingly gets used to it, one learns to value the different nuances between the different red wines that exist. Therefore one ends up understanding that wine ends up being a better food companion with depending on what dishes.

But without a doubt, the choice of good wine depends, not only on the tastes of the person we are repeating for the umpteenth time, but also on the moment in which we want to drink it, the company with whom we are going to drink it and even the place where we are going to drink it. let's drink.

But, as any oenologist will tell you, "We only know that the wine is good when we open the bottle and try it" , although a good oenological culture helps to get it right, if we also know the tastes of others better.

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