Conservacion y organizacion de los alimentos

Food preservation and organization

How many times have we had the problem of not knowing how to store or preserve food both raw and cooked correctly so that it does not spoil.

Today we have an impressive variety of containers for this purpose such as lunch boxes, hermetically sealed lunch boxes, glass, plastic... of multiple sizes that can make life much easier for us.


Lunch boxes are a great ally when it comes to taking advantage of the food that we do not consume or that we have cooked but have not eaten all of it.

Some are prepared for microwaves so we can heat the container directly, others have a hermetic lid, which is very important if we want to stop the oxidation of certain meats, for example.

Undoubtedly one of the most important inventions in our kitchens and that in a way has revolutionized our way of making the most of our purchase.

  • JARS

The jars have been in our kitchen since the time of Rome or Greece. For preserves or simply for those products such as honey that due to their characteristics cannot be preserved in any other way.

There are clay, glass or even metal. With hermetic closure or with screw lid. Definitely very versatile.

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