Como usar correctamente la freidora y su mantenimiento

How to use the fryer correctly and its maintenance

Who doesn't feel like enjoying some chips or a good fish fry sometime?

For this we have an essential appliance, the fryer .

Sometimes doubts assail us but we are going to solve some of them at least the most important ones to make good use of our fryer .


What oil to use in our fryer It is an important decision, whether in restoration or simply at a domestic level.

The best oil is undoubtedly olive oil, not because of its nutritional properties (considered a super food) but because of its characteristics of resistance to high temperatures.

In fact, when frying with olive oil in our fryer , it is easy for the temperature to reach 180ºC.


If we use olive oil in our fryer we can reuse the same oil around two to three times.

Only when it loses its characteristic golden color should we proceed to clean the fryer and maintain it.


Cleaning the fryer is very important because if you do not do it and only change the oil, it is possible that, by not removing the remains of food that remain in the bottom, there will come a time when we can feel bad when eating what we can fry in the same.


1- With the fryer disconnected and the oil cold, we discard all the used oil.

2- We will remove the bucket and clean the bottom of the fryer of food remains.

3- We will clean the walls of the fryer with water and dish soap, rinsing very well any remaining soap residue.

4- Let the inside of the fryer dry well

5- Clean the frying pan as follows: submerge it in soapy water, leaving it to soak for 5 or 10 minutes. After that time we passed a sponge over the entire grid of the same

6- once we put it well dry in our fryer we put new oil and keep on frying!

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