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Usually we find ourselves daily with a multitude of objects that must fulfill a function ( decorate , play music... etc), but we have reached a point in which we are not satisfied only with the fact that it fulfills its function well but, in addition, we seek They have their own aesthetic.

Therefore, there are those who prioritize aesthetics before its functionality, there are those who seek the opposite, that it be functional rather than aesthetic, and there are those who try to find a balance between the functional and the aesthetic.

Like everything in life, virtue is in balance, that is, if we want the furniture in our house, for example, to be aesthetic and adapt to our tastes, but at the same time we can use it on a day-to-day basis and not If it becomes old-fashioned or outdated in a short time, things get very complicated for us.

Decorating , at certain levels, is not easy nor do we all know how to combine objects, colors and shapes properly with each other. The advice of an expert never hurts and although it may seem like a high cost, at first, it is actually an investment, since they are the spaces where we are going to make our lives and where we are going to live beautiful moments that we will always remember.

Our advice is to hire a decoration expert only for the spaces where we are really going to do the most life (living room, kitchen and terraces).


Whether you are decorating your first home for the first time with all the enthusiasm in the world, or if you want to renew the existing decoration, you must take into account:

1- You have to think about which rooms you make more life

It is not the same to eat on the terrace or kitchen and spend some time with the family in the living room after eating than just using the living room for everything and barely using the terrace or kitchen.

Having a terrace with sea views, whoever has that privilege, obviously should be a room in which we should spend a good part of our time at home.

Therefore, it is very important to identify the rooms that you are going to use the most (generally the living room, kitchen and terraces) in your day to day.

2- Think about the light

Is the room where I live the most in my daily life well lit ? This question is very important to analyze carefully.

It is very important, as far as possible, to make good use of the natural light that can enter the house.

Not only to save on the electricity bill, which is becoming more and more expensive, but above all because, logically, the environment is more natural and more pleasant.

We will live better and with less stress, even if it seems silly, if we are lucky enough to live with natural light cycles (daylight hours and night hours).

If we have to set the room with artificial light, it is recommended that it be warm light (the one that seems yellowish) since it is what our brains identify as sunlight since it has part of the spectrum of natural light and therefore it will not give us the sensation of visual fatigue that is usually caused by cold light (the one that appears white) that has the entire spectrum of light and our brain knows that it is not natural light.

3- The distribution

Once we have studied the rooms where we will live the most, how light influences them, we must think about how to distribute the house in the most efficient way possible.

Feng Shui is an art in this aspect for which we must balance the energies of the house by combining shape, materials and distribution of our furniture and other accessories. It is increasingly in demand and booming.

Obviously, not all of us can afford to hire a professional, but it is true that they can make a difference.

However, with a little judgment and common sense, you can find the distribution that best suits your needs, even if it is not the most efficient.

4- For tastes, the colors!!!!

Well yes, universal truth where there are, but precisely one of the most important keys in the world of decoration .

The color is not restricted only to the walls of your house but to the whole of the room (walls, furniture, curtains... Etc).

Therefore you must find a balance between the colors you like and those that can be combined properly in your home.

Very bright colors, if not well combined, can immediately tire the eyes, very dark colors can subtract light from your home, very light colors provide extra lighting but poorly combined can also tire a lot.

Therefore, the balance is more complicated in this case because, in addition, within the equation, the personal tastes of each one have a lot of weight.

5- Furniture

Here we also enter a world apart where personal tastes have a lot of weight, just like, previously, with colors.

Modern furniture or classic furniture? Well, I can't vouch for you, obviously it will depend on the atmosphere you want to create in your home.

Just to say that it is very tiring and not very boring, that is, you can play with the furniture depending on the room in which we are, because you can give a vintage industrial touch to the kitchen , or give a neo-classical touch to the living room or transfer all the decorative criteria with an ultra avant-garde decoration.

In my humble opinion, choose the furniture that above all performs its function optimally and then worry about its aesthetics.

There is no use buying a super avant-garde sofa if we end up with back pain later because it is not comfortable.

As always, common sense should rule, although personal tastes can divert us from the path to the balance between functionality and design.


Some people don't care because they don't like to cook , but if you like to cook, you probably spend a good part of your time here.

For this reason, your kitchen should be a pleasant space, well distributed, with the most appropriate lighting and an orderly and well compartmentalized space.

We hope that atdecomenaje.es you will find the items you need to give that touch of originality to your home and kitchen.


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