Articulos para decorar

items to decorate

If you want to give a personalized and unique touch to any space in your house, you don't need to spend a fortune, just be creative and know how to take advantage of each element that we have to decorate .

Many times we have useless "junk" at home but with the right ingenuity we can transform it into a decoration element.

For example, we are proud to show what one of our customers has done with one of our baskets.

If you want to follow his instagram account is @floresentuensalada

Also and very kindly he has made us the cover photo of this same blog.

The decoration is a matter of taste, although it is true that there are people who are very good at decorating or reusing elements to give them another dimension.

In short, decorating is still another branch of creativity like music, painting or writing. It is about transmitting sensations, telling stories and why not transmitting your own personality.

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